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Peprime is a diversified international company with its Head Office in United Kingdom. Peprime is incorporated in United Kingdom specializing in the energy, engineering & environmental sector. Peprime engages in the merchant wholesale and distribution of bulk petroleum (crude oil) & petroleum products. Peprime source and sell various petroleum products such as Diesel Gas Oil [D2], D1, Diesel Gas Oil Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel [ULSD], Automative Gas Oil [AGO], Mazut, CST-180 Fuel Oil, Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54 Jet Fuel [JP54], Jet A1, DPK, EN590, Fuel Oil #6 [D6], LNG, LPG, PMS, UREA & others. Peprime works exclusively with professionals, partners, governments and other companies. Peprime provides integrated services by leveraging a global network of expertise that enables the company to be extremely responsive and flexible, while maintaining a global reach. 

Peprime renders unique services & engage in trading, supply and distributions of the entire Petroleum & Petroleum Products supply chain. We also provide logistics that makes transportation of bulk petroleum & petroleum products from point of production or storage to point required by end users.  We make buying and selling of petroleum & petroleum products an easy process. Peprime provides petroleum & petroleum products buyers & sellers services that enable both parties conclude transactions with confidence on win-win basis. Our hands-on experience on quality & quantity inspection & control of various cargoes such as crude oil/petroleum & petroleum products is our major strength that enables us implement time-tested, structured and transparent designed procedures to avoid confusion between sellers & buyers, and remove time wasting from the transactions.

Peprime acts as a platform for our partners & associates to succeed in their respective business arena. Peprime leverages global network of business & professional expertise to assist companies to initiate and grow their business in existing and new global region. We understand the need of our partners and acts as an external arm of their business generation. Our model brings best practices and quality services into our partner's business model which combine to offer long term value and Return on Investment to our partners. We are directly connected to major producing refineries, titleholders, sellers and buyers, hence optimize operations in real time petroleum and petroleum products procurement. Peprime has earned trust, established long term personal & business relationships and negotiated contractual agreements worldwide.

We are committed to providing high-quality services and products. We uphold our reputation for integrity in all our activities. We provide unmatched value to our partners and customers through inventive processes and unique solutions. Our approach is unique because we always challenge ourselves to improve our processes and procedures to suit the ever changing needs.

We are keen in delivering winning solutions in technology development, trading, investment, manufacturing, innovation, carbon abatement, consultancy, renewable energy, import/export of bulk petroleum & petroleum products and several other commodities. We provide logistics that covers transportation of petroleum & petroleum products from production or storage to end users. Kindly contact us for partnership or further clarification.

Our corporate vision focuses on delivering an integrated service offering to a world-class standard through competitive pricing, high performance and excellent results. Integrity, our core value and the quality of our people are what makes Peprime a specialist technology, petroleum and petroleum products supplier of high repute in the global market place.